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27th of April, 2015

It's been a while due to building a new computer, then later the primary harddrive died and being lazy at reinstalling everything necessary to update the site after both of those. I've picked up quite a lot of new stuff not including everything I already had waiting to be scanned in.

Torcano, music from the game Pataank, 3DO Magazine Gold, Together With Nontan: The Star's Gift, Hirata Shiyougo Interactive Picture Book: Wolves and Sheep

Rescans of Supreme Warrior, Cowboy Casino, Guardian War and the Japanese 3DO Magazine Live cd #3

Sanyo fliers for October 1994, March 1995 and June 1995 and REAL Club Press January 1995

Theme Park promo card, Taiketsu! Rumii Zu card, Neo Organic Bioform card, The Tower guide book, Myst guide book and Super Street Fighter 2 guide book.



















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