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10th of September, 2023

Bit of a different update today. I was contacted by a fellow enthusiast about a 3DO tournament they organize. Here's some text from them describing the previous tournament with some accompanying photos of the event. I'm including a link to a text file with a much longer, thorough description of the 3DO event.

"On April 4, tuesday, the Eusko-Retro Association organized the I. Basque Tournament of 3DO. We met 7 players and we played 3 games: Crash n'Burn, Rebel Assault, Slam n' Jam. It was a fun afternoon. This was the top 3 players:
1-Egoitz Campo (Basque Country)
2-Unai Pérez (Basque Country)
3-Daniel Barrientos (Basque Country)"


I.Basque Tournament of 3DO Description and Results

> Above file is in .docx format and may need to be saved to your device before being opened <




















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