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3DO Magazine July/August 1994
3DO Magazine November 1994
3DO Magazine January/February 1995
3DO Magazine March/April 1995
3DO Magazine January/February 1996
3DO Magazine March/April 1996
Shockwave 2 postcard mailer

5th of August, 2018

I scanned in the remainder of the Japanese 3DO magazine issues and also a Shockwave 2 mailed postcard that someone kindly donated to me.

8th of July, 2018

Most things seem to be under control after the transition. While I also found and fixed a few errors that existed from before the move, a few new ones have cropped up. Mostly to do with links and the forums. I removed the original main page as it no longer really has any practical use. I'm working on a method to keep the non frames page without needing the original front page to link to it.

15th of June, 2018

Expect site errors, missing files and other issues as I work on moving the site to a new host. I hope to minimize problems and finish as quickly as possibly, time permitting.

I still have lots of scans and stuff to upload when time permits, as well as an advertising flyer I just received in the mail from a site visitor.


















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