Previous Updates


28th of June, 2023

Finally fixed the broken links on the Unique Phenomena page. Files should work fine now.

6th of June, 2023

Updated the Incomplete 3DO Game List with some new titles including demos and some really hard to find discs. Moved demos to their own section and added a soundtrack and photo cd section for games that have those available.


5th of August, 2018

I scanned in the remainder of the Japanese 3DO magazine issues and also a Shockwave 2 mailed postcard that someone kindly donated to me.

8th of July, 2018

Most things seem to be under control after the transition. While I also found and fixed a few errors that existed from before the move, a few new ones have cropped up. Mostly to do with links and the forums. I removed the original main page as it no longer really has any practical use. I'm working on a method to keep the non frames page without needing the original front page to link to it.

15th of June, 2018

Expect site errors, missing files and other issues as I work on moving the site to a new host. I hope to minimize problems and finish as quickly as possibly, time permitting.

I still have lots of scans and stuff to upload when time permits, as well as an advertising flyer I just received in the mail from a site visitor.


27th of April, 2015

It's been a while due to building a new computer, then later the primary harddrive died and being lazy at reinstalling everything necessary to update the site after both of those. I've picked up quite a lot of new stuff not including everything I already had waiting to be scanned in.

Torcano, music from the game Pataank, 3DO Magazine Gold, Together With Nontan: The Star's Gift, Hirata Shiyougo Interactive Picture Book: Wolves and Sheep

Rescans of Supreme Warrior, Cowboy Casino, Guardian War and the Japanese 3DO Magazine Live cd #3

Sanyo fliers for October 1994, March 1995 and June 1995 and REAL Club Press January 1995

Theme Park promo card, Taiketsu! Rumii Zu card, Neo Organic Bioform card, The Tower guide book, Myst guide book and Super Street Fighter 2 guide book.



26th of August, 2012

Another small update with two controllers this time. The 3D8 Joypad for 3DO and the 3D Zero Infra-Red Controller.

21st of August, 2012

Just adding the Korean 3DO game, Firewall for a mini update.

15th of August, 2012

For this update, I've got some nice hard to find goodies. First scanned item up is the Virtual Vivid Japanese version cd. This one came in a large thin booket. Next are the Road Rash demo, Theme Park demo, and V Goal Soccer 96 demo. We then have Bodyconscious Digital Rave and finally the fairly hard to come by Crystal Dynamics Best Selection demo cd that includes a video of Cyberclash.

Last on this list is an almost impossible to find item. This is the Sanyo 3DO Control Pad. This is the retail version. It is factory bagged and tagged and looks like it would have hung on a hook at the store.


9th of April, 2012

Lots of rescans this time and a couple of new games scanned The new scans include Slopestyle, Pretty Soldier Sailormoon demo cd, and Real Pinball. The rescans are too numerous to list and are ongoing. I'm really just rescanning a batch then uploading them over the original files. Most of the rescans are US longboxes, the adult titles and a small batch of Japanese games.

I'm not sure how I missed scanning Slopestyle and Real Pinball years ago, but that oversight has been fixed now.

29th of March, 2012

Scans of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Wacky Races, the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms IV Super Guidebooks are up as well as the Japanese Panasonic Sampler CD.

26th of March, 2012

Bit of a smaller update today. I've put up scans of the Panasonic Karaoke Mixer and a Dragon Tycoon Edge display card. Those are on the Accessories and Fliers & Ads pages. I also rescanned quite a few Japanese games that originally went up back in 1998. There are too many to list, but they are up there and the rest of the older low quality scans will be updated to the current standard as well.

I also added a new page, the Books & Magazines page, splitting that off from the Accessories page. Updated the menu a bit and did a few more likely unnoticeable changes.

23rd of March, 2012

There are lots of goodies for this update today. First, a few magazines, REAL Express Autumn 1995, Winter 1995 and Spring 1996. Next we have some demo cds, Rush'n'Fire Megadas demo, The Daedalus Encounter demo, Yu Yu Hakusho demo, and the Panasonic Special CD-ROM.

We've also got a couple of soundtracks today, the Blue Forest Story soundtrack and the the Sword & Sorcery soundtrack.

Next we've got a couple of extremely hard to find arcade sticks. My mas Super Pro-Stick was made specifically for the 3DO and has no other cords for other systems like you would usually find, which makes it pretty unique I'd say. It also has a pass through plug. The Superstick for 3DO is the last of the two arcade sticks and is a bit smaller than the mas stick, but just as awesome.

Last we've got a couple of games. Sento Monogotari Sono I is the last of the Ariadne tarot/astrology games and about the most difficult to find. Finally, Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2: Hyper Edition ends this update.

As always, the games can be found on the Scans pages and the other items listed will be found in the Accessories and Books & Magazines section. Of course you can also use the search feature to the left to go right to each one if you like.


30th of April, 2011

Just received a large shipment of ads, fliers, magazines and games. Lots of hard to find goodies in that shipment.

This time I've scanned the following items. Virtual Stadium Professional Baseball Demo cd, Pro Stadium, and the European 3DO Multigame Sampler #3. Those are up in Scans.

Next I scanned a Swords & Sorcery flier and that is in Advertisements. Last but not least are 3 controllers. Fire 3DO Six Button Joypad, Quantum Advanced Control Pad and the first box design for the Panasonic FZ-JP1X Control Pad. Those can be found in Accessories.

1st of March, 2011

Rescanned a bunch more Japanese games. No need to name them as they are all getting scanned again anyway. I also scanned in a few more pages from the Demo Binder. Guardian War, Station Invasion, Escape From Monster Manor and Soccer Kid.

I've got a lot of new goodies on the way, and already have one of the Toyota titles here now. Most of the other stuff will be magazines, brochures, posters, a phone card, etc.

22nd of February, 2011

I rescanned a bunch of Japanese games. Most of the scans were terrible as all of the old ones are. So, we have rescans of Winners Take All, J League Virtual Stadium, J League Virtual Stadium 95, Marine Tour, Montana Jones. Puppet Tales, The Letter That Over Came Time. I have a pretty nice batch of games, guides, magazines and stuff coming in soon as well. More rescans are being done too.

10th of February, 2011

This time up, we have game scans of Super Street Fighter II X Demo, Scramble Cobra Demo, Woody Woodpecker Volume 3, Autobahn Tokio Demo, The Doraemons Demo, Flopon World and Flopon the Space Mutant. I've also rescanned Dinopark Tycoon. Those can be found on the Scans pages.

I've scanned these guides and a magazine, the 3DO Bible, Official World Guide of D and the Japanese 3DO Magazine May/June 1996 issue. Also, scans of the Stealth Infra-Red Joyad, Hori Fighting Commander Real, and both Panasonic Video CD Adaptors are up on the Accessories page.


4th of July, 2010

Update #2

I added a section on the Files page with many unsorted 3DO related files I have. I'm not sure what many of them are and some require other files in the unsorted list to work or even have any meaning. They're up if you want em.

Update #1

For new scans, Emit Vol. 3, 3D Zero Tribal Tap, 3DO Machine Controller Extension Cable, Fire 3DO Six Button Infra Red Joypad System (Really long names this time), and the Sword & Sorcery Guide Book are up on the Games and Accessories pages.

I've rescanned Emit Vol, 1 and 2 to keep with the new higher quality scans. I originally scanned them in about 9 years ago. I'm also beginning to add the item numbers for each game on the Scans pages. This will make it easier to find game scans if you only know the item number and because many of the Japanese translations are subjective. It will take a while to get them all done though.

25th of January, 2010

We have a bunch of new scans for this update including a couple replacement scans for older poor quality ones. Paddock Note 95 and Ultraman Powered are the two rescans. For new game scans we have Akagi, Mahjong Paradise Special, disks #1 and #9 from the Japanese 3DO Magazine and The September/October 1994 issue of the Japanese 3DO Magazine. These can be found on the 3DO Scans and Accessories pages of course.

The 3DO FAQ has been updated a bit and the 3DO Links page has been cleaned up with a few new links added.


1st of July, 2009

The site has been completely moved and most everything should be up and running. I'm sure there are a few odds and ends I've missed, but they'll be found and fixed before long. We are now running on paid server hosting, so there won't be anymore ads, that is if you ever saw ads in the first place due to ad blockers.

I've set up newer and much nicer forums for everyone to use. The new forums are customizeable as well. You can change the overall theme to any of the ones currently installed and will be installing, or you can just stick with the default theme. I'm much happier with the new site controls as the previous ones which should have been easy, were actually quite convoluted and were a nightmare to get anything to work right. No more Fileplanet. You can now directly download manuals and such with no need to log in anywhere.

I've also put up a partial update. I was working on this one right before they announced the hosting closure. It's just a few games, but it's something for now.


28th of May, 2009

URGENT, the site will be moving to a new server. The ONLY URL that you should be using is


If you use that url, you will always find your way here. The classicgaming.gamespy url will no longer be used and after a couple months, will get you nothing but an error message. You can let others know as well to help spread the word. Only use the above listed url from now on.

Spread the word.

Site updates will resume once the site has been moved.


27th of January, 2009

Grand Chef of the Kingdom, Virtual Cameraman Part 1, Blue Forest Story and the Japanese 3DO Magazine May/June 1995 have been scanned and put up. I've rescanned a couple controller boxes, the Goldstar 3DO Pad and the 3DO Control Pad 2. I picked up a couple of nice and very large 3DO arcade sticks which should hopefully be up soon in the next update.



3rd of September, 2008

I scanned a bunch of pages from the Demo Binder. FIFA, Gridders, Star Control II, Total Eclipe, Twisted and the Contents page. All that can be found in Accessories.

1st of September, 2008

The Panasonic Memory Unit has been scanned and it up in Accessories. You can also find Virtual Cameraman Part 4 and Part 5 up along with J.B. Harold Blue Chicago Blues, Short Warp with a nice low number card. Replacement scans are up for Tarot Card Fortune Teller and Murphy's TV mostly because for some unknown reason, both games found their way into the to be scanned piles and the old scans were just terrible. Looking at the original 1999 scan date on one of them at least tells me why they were so terrible.

At some point every game of the pre new scanner/84dpi scan quality will be done at some point, bit by bit. Using anything higher than 84dpi, which is about the actual visual size of each item would just make the picture larger and larger visually. There's no need for a 2400dpi scan of Captain Quazar that wouldn't even visually fit on a 60 inch LCD screen.

Oh, in response to a question that was indirectly aimed at me, yes I do frequent a popular 3DO board.  The question is, who am I? ; )

12th of July, 2008

Just scanned 2 more issues of the Japanese 3DO Magazine and the new Onside/Power Slide double header.

11th of July, 2008

New scans are up now. Autobahn Tokio and the Blue Forest Story Official Guidebook. The guidebook is on the Accessories page along with 3DO Magazine Live! disks, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8.

I've also scanned an unusual plastic promotional double sided ad board/plaque showing Super Wing Commander and Road Rash. I had to take actual photos of the next 2 items as there just isn't any way to scan them. 4 photos of the Goldstar 3DO Interactive Multiplayer box and a couple photos of the Battle King joystick and the 3DO Function Box that goes with it. All of these can be found on the Accessories page. I don't know if the Battle King ever came in a box or what other add ons it had as I've only seen a grand total of 3 with no boxes. I'm not even entirely sure that Battle King is its full and correct name, but I believe it is.

7th of May, 2008

Not really an update for the most part, but I would like to let you know that Good Deal Games has released Onside Soccer and Power Slide in a nice 2 cd double header package. I encourage you to have a look and add this to your 3DO collection. I will be scanning my copy soon to add to the site, along with more Japanese titles. You can find Onside/Power Slide at

More specifically, you can go right to the game here,

If you'd like to read up on some of the back story concerning these games, go here,

I should have quite a few nice items to scan soon direct from Japan as well as what I already have left to scan here.


2nd of February, 2008

I've scanned these pages from the Demo Binder, John Madden Football, Jurassic Park, 3DO Storage Manager and also the hard to find boxed Nakitek Wireless Controllers. All this can be found on the Accessories page.

6th of January, 2008

Some of the things yet to be added, scanned, etc... Boxed Sanyo 3DO system, 3DO Bible, some 3DO game mouse pads, 3DO Japanese posters, numerous games, lots of pages from the Demo Binder including fact sheets and the demo game pages themselves, some hardware like the Starter Kit and some controllers, boxes for the 3DO systems other than the Sanyo and other goodies. Just to give you all an idea of what I have left not including new arrivals all the time.

I've finished scanning the rest of the 3DO Club News issues so the entire set is up now and have rescanned all of the British 3DO Magazines. I've added a couple more issues of the Japanese 3DO Magazine as well. Now all magazines I own have been put up and the older scans have been brought up to date and up several levels in quality. Once I get more, those will go up as well.

I also added a few more games to the incomplete 3DO games list.

5th of January, 2008

I've finally scanned the 1st 4 issues of the British 3DO Magazine. I also scanned 2 more issues of the Japanese 3DO Magazine as well as rescanned the 1 issue I had scanned ages ago.  I've rescanned every issue of 3 Magazine and will rescan the rest of the issues of the British 3DO Magazine shortly. The old scans weren't great, scanning magazines is easy and at least all the magazines will have a new high quality scan and be consistent instead of a mix of various quality scans.

4th of January, 2008

Quite a few new scans up for the start of the new year. Scans of the 3DO Magazine Live! discs, #7, #10 and #11. Masters Harukanaru Augusta 3, Sex, Virtual Stadium Professional Baseball, Hirata Shiyougo Interactive Picture Book: Snow White and Go Time Trial 2. Also, another of the obscure controllers, Mad Catz Control Pad for 3DO. Braindead 13 v1.1 which is pretty much the same box with a small v1.1 sticker on it is up as well. CD 1 for Braindead 13 does have v1.1 on it as well, so you'll know which version you have if the sticker fell off the box.

Finally we have a few pages from the demo binder. I'm not entirely sure they belong in the binder, however it's how I received them. Being product info pages, it's not surprising they would meet the hole punch and be placed in the binder by the game store employees. Demo Binder pages for the FZ-1, the FV-1 and a couple pages of random comments from game "experts" of the time. Most of the pages in the binder suffer a bit from dry toner/ink bleed so you'll see some of that on many of the pages I scan.


23rd of December, 2007

Just a small update to let everyone know you can reach 3DO Today a bit easier now. You can continue using the existing url or the more memory friendly

Either works, and the new url is just a redirect so that will always get you here no matter what.

7th of December, 2007

This is just a very minor update. It seems quite a lot of people had no clue that there were new 3DO games released recently. There were technically 5 games released, although one of them was just a bonus cd of a game in alpha stages. One of them was limited to 50 copies, so you're out of luck on that one as it sold out quite a while ago. They are all incomplete, though they are all playable. Icebreaker 2 is the most complete of the new games. They were being sold by a site called Oldergames, which has just gone out of business. I scanned them all in a previous update, so if you scroll through my previous updates in the link below, you can have a look at them.

I also did a rescan of Achieve Peace as the original scan was horrendous to say the least and I'm quite shocked that I even put it up looking as bad as it did. More of the older scans will be updated as time goes on in the current higher quality standard.

18th of October, 2007

Lots of new scans today. Woody Woodpecker and Friends Volume One, the most common of the 3. Kyoto Murder Mystery, probably not the correct translation, but I chose one that made the most sense out of the bunch I found. It's similar to the Sherlock Holmes games as well as Prime Suspect. Sensu no Tensai - 2, 2nd in that educational series and I rescanned #1 as the original 10 year old scan was lousy. Conan, The Boy In Future, Suchie Pai Special, Hirata Shiyougo Interactive Picture Book: The Little Mermaid and Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon.

3DO 1 Year Anniversary CD and Pachislo Simulator vol. 1. I'm not entirely sure why they gave a demo cd a name invoking something far more interesting than demos of some of the most common US releases. There should have been some Japanese only demos on it. For our one year anniversary, we're gonna give you demos of games you most likely already have! Fun fun. They should have let Warp do the cd. Then we'd have lots of mini games and a lot more fun. I also rescanned Global Defense. It's an extremely hard to find title, the original scan was lousy and it was right in front of me.

I just rescanned Miyuki Nakajima as well as a late edition.

29th of July, 2007

5 new games scanned this time around. By new, I do really mean new as well. These are newly released games, by None of them are fully complete games, but they are all playable, some better than others. They all play on a 3DO system, no developers system or test unit required. They can be found on their respective Scans pages. Powerslide, Onside Soccer, Decathlon, intentionally misspelled there, Footie, and Icebreaker 2. Icebreaker being the most playable and best of the lot. Footie is a bonus disc, so only the disc was available to scan, no case.

I'm still working on and updating other parts of the site, so you may or may not notice changes here and there.

27th of July, 2007

Updating various things on the site. I've removed the intro page and replaced it with the news and updates page as it seems a lot of people don't check the updates. It's much more standard with most other sites too as you usually go right to the updates/news section.

Added a poll to the right if it wasn't obvious enough.  The polls will give me some needed feedback on the site.. ...and no, I will not be putting up any - what's your favorite game - polls, as if those haven't been done half a billion times over.

I added more functionality to the search engine. The search engine is only available on the frames version, below the menu on the left. It now highlights your search terms and when you click any found links, it will bring you right to the words, highlighted.

16th of July, 2007

This time up, we have a number of rare and obscure 3DO controllers scanned and a few more games. First up is the Super Bear Convertor which has nothing to do with bears, not even a picture of one, and a misspelled name as well. Then we have the Sidekick controller and the 3D Zero Controller. Next is the JPF Adapter For 3DO Player. This allows you to use a Super NES controller on the 3DO which was probably really useful at the time as Super NES controllers were a dime a dozen and the 3DO ones would have been more expensive. I haven't compared this JPF adapter to the other I have. The boxes are different and the other is called a Dual Adapter, so they are most likely different. Last up is the Fighting 3DO Sword which would actually have been cool if it was even vaguely shaped like a sword. However, it's just an aftermarket Super NES controller with a 3DO plug. It is quite colorful though and has lots of buttons and switches. At least they had the decency to add some sword art to the box, unlike the lack of even a picnic basket on the Super Bear Convertor. As most of you might have noticed, these items are quite obscure for the most part and most are just repackaged aftermarket Super NES or Genesis controllers with 3DO plugs. It would have been nicer to have unique controllers, but I guess reusing the same mold for 2-3-4 game systems would be a lot more profitable. All of these new scans can be found on the Accessories page.

The games I've scanned consist of the following. Cogal, Jan Ken Paradise and Love Bites. I also just now realized they were all adult titles. These can be found on their respective Scans pages. Check the name of the game and go to the correct page unless you didn't want to see them in which case go wherever you like.

Also, yet again, I do NOT deal with Heroes of Might and Magic, Might and Magic, Army Men or anything else of the sort. It's shocking the number of people that email me asking for install help, asking for game updates or for a select few, even thinking this is the 3DO Company's site. 3DO as a company is deceased and I don't deal with their PC or Mac games.

Lots more to come when it gets done such as an actual boxed version of the Capcom controller and not just one of those Ebay "NEW Capcom controller!" and in small print, "bought in bulk, comes in a plastic bag" This is the Japanese version but it's all the same. Lots of other Japanese games, everything in the demo catalog, magazines, books, etc. Oh and a couple nice little additions such as 3DO game mouse pads. It's amazing what they released in Japan and didn't let us have, like all we wanted was Sewer Shark or something. No love for us! and by the way, Sewer Shark has got to be the most god awful game I've ever played. That and Burn: Cycle. Wretched games. I remember when Burn: Cycle was the demo that played at the game store to encourage people to buy the Sega CD or whatever system it was on. Quite frankly, it would have made me NOT want to buy the system. Star Control 2, the updated enhanced version on the 3DO made me want that system when I saw it on the shelf at Babbages until I saw the 799$ price tag for the 3DO.

4th of March, 2007

I've scanned a bunch of new games, Yousuke Ide Meijin no Shinjissen, Together With Nontan: The Star's Gift, Nemurenu Yoru no Chiisa Nao Hanashi, Mahjong Gokuu Tenjiku, Hirata Shiyougo Interactive Picture Book: Three Little Pigs, Confrontation: Wax Water, and Insect War. Also, an accessory called the Classic Joypad Converter. This lets you use a Playstation controller on the 3DO and is also still being produced and sold.

1st of March update

I've picked up lots of new games and such. The pile in need of scanning has grown quite a lot and there's a lot more on the way. Two important updates this time. I've acquired a unique Korean 3DO game called The Eye of Typhoon. Try and find any information on this title and you'll see why it's unique. It's been scanned and is up for your viewing pleasure. Make sure to look under the T's as I don't ignore the word The in the title. Also, it is NOT for sale so please don't ask.

The second important update is the 3DO Game List. I've made a major overhaul of the list. It's no longer in text format and has been converted to html format. Due to the size of the file and what I wanted to do with it, working in a text only environment was getting tedious. I've begun to add all the game model numbers as well as correct many Japanese names. It's not finished yet, but I'm putting it up now and will continue to make changes.

There is a small update to the Game Guru codes list as well. A couple new games have been added.

17th of January update

I'm thinking of adding a reviews section for 3DO games and such, however, the reviews wouldn't be by me as I have no desire, nor have I ever, to write up reviews. I've had a number of people over the years ask for one, so, if anyone wants to submit reviews, you can email them to me and you will be fully credited however you like. If noone sends any reviews, I won't bother designing the page. It's up to you to populate it if you want your reviews page. Also, if there's anything anyone would like to see on the site, just email me and let me know. I'm always up for new ideas.

I've removed all 3DO webring links and information. It has become increasingly useless and difficult to work with as the years passed. It used to be a great addition to any page. Now it is more of a relic of the late 90's. If you are in the 3DO webring, you can still remain, however, it will no longer be updated or have sites added to it. You would be better off removing it from your site and replacing it . Many of the sites in it now are either inactive, broken or some other major problem not worth dealing with anymore. If you truly wish to drive traffic to your site, try and get yourself listed high in Google or one of the other search engines.

9th of January update

I've been tidying up a bit, fixing some issues such as the "Click to activate this" issue on the main menu, adding a few bits here and there, etc. Also, if you haven't noticed by now, I've added a search engine for the site. This should make it even easier to find what you're looking for. Currently, it's accessible below the main menu on the frames site.

7th of January update

I've scanned a few more games this round for the new year. Go Time Trial, Kakinoki Shogi and Neurodancer, the last of the long boxed games that I just found for a reasonable price last year. Also, you'll find 3DO Club News #2 scanned and up. I now have the entire set, so the rest will be scanned in due time.

For what it's worth, I've removed the link to VGstrategies due to the facts that Al Amaloo no longer seems to be running the place and there is absolutely nothing on the 3DO there anymore. Quite a few of the sites I had listed seem to have up and died, so those have been removed too.


13th of October update

I've picked up quite a few new games since the last update. The Doraemons, The Tower, V Goal Soccer '96 and Hanako-san have been scanned and put up. The Incomplete games list has had a minor update as well.

5th of July update

Wacky Races 2 and Debut Pure have been scanned and put up this time. Lots more to scan, and lots more games on the way.

14th of June update

Also up today is Grimm's Fairy Tales: Hansel and Gretel as well as the scans listed below.

I've scanned and uploaded Policenauts Pilot Disk and 3DO Club News #1 this time around.

11th of June update

Just fixing up broken items and getting used to the new setup. Same place, different url, much more functionality now. Added a search feature I'm still working on. Added a new message board which is subject to change and bare minimum now. A bunch of new 3DO games arrived which will get scanned as I have the time. Pondering adding other features without going overboard.

Also, for what it's worth, this site has now been up for 9 years, since 1997.

16th of April update

I'm currently upgrading and fixing up many broken items on the site. So excuse any errors or broken... anything until it's all fixed.

7th of April update

Several new game scans up, Aesop's Fables: The Ants and the Grasshoppers, Fumin's Toy Box and Kerokerokeroppi and the Origami Experts. The names are the best I could find and may or may not be their correct title. If you think it's incorrect, email me and let me know. I've also updated the Incomplete 3DO Games List with some new games. More game scans coming soon and I've also got more new games I've purchased on the way.

Also, just to vent a little. For all you Ebay sellers... Most 3DO games are NOT "RARE!". Most long boxed 3DO games are NOT "RARE!" Trying to sell a copy of Sailor Moon for upwards of 100 dollars will NEVER get it sold. Saying a game is mint or excellent shape and then showing a picture where you have removed everything from the case and placed the cd label side up on the floor/carpet/sand/whatever is utterly ridiculous. Saying a game is complete in the title, then saying it only comes with the cd in the description is quite brainless. 3DO FZ-1 and FZ-10 units are NOT "RARE!". Trying to sell a 3DO system unboxed with a pile of unboxed/manual-less games does not make the auction worth 500+ dollars. I don't care if you paid 2000 for it in 1993, and most likely no one else does either. We already KNOW what it cost new. Telling people how much you invested in the system over the years is pointless. Again, no one cares. "I've invested over 5000 dollars in this system since I got it, but I'm letting it go for 1000!" Unless you're telling an interesting story about how you got something, just tell us how much you're selling it for. Accurately describe your games. Does it have a manual? Rear inserts? Original box? Don't make people have to email you and ask what you should already be including in the description.  This is not an infomercial. Telling people the 4 games you are selling are a 150 dollar value and you're letting them go for X amount of dollars does not impress anyone. 9 times out of 10, the games are at best worth 15-20 dollars MAX, 5 if it's a golf game, and you should be paying the buyer if you're you're selling Shadow.

5th of April update

Not a whole lot new, but the Space Ace manual is up. As usual, for all manuals, you need to log in to download it. So if you don't have an account yet, just sign up when you go to download the file. There's a few dysfunctional items I'm in the process of fixing, so just ignore them for now. They'll be fixed soon enough when I figure out the problem.


14th of September update

I've cleaned up the site a bit, fixing a few odd issues I came across. I've also made some other modifications to the site you may or may not notice. I'm also in the process of dealing with a long standing issue. Taking advantage of this site and leeching bandwidth is a no no. This pertains to anyone hotlinking from Ebay auctions and other websites. If you want to create a 3DO page, have the decency to not carbon copy my pages as well.

I have a few other items almost ready to go up when I get the chance. The Space Ace manual and visitor donated scans of Neurodancer. I've made a number of changes over the months that didn't require an update notice too. Text changes, removing dead site links, etc.

I'm also looking into an alternative method or two of getting Japanese games. Ebay just isn't cutting it anymore. All I really ever see are, ahem... "RARE!" copies of ARPM and Syndicate... I'm pretty much out of new stuff to update with, at least until I find all the new stuff I don't have yet. Also, to people out there coming here looking for information on Army Men and Heroes of Might and Magic... Don't. Sorry, but I don't deal with 3DO's PC games. Just look around the site, you won't find anything related to 3DO's PC days. I think the problem stems primarily from the fact that when you type 3DO in Google, my site is at the absolute top of the list. Popularity is a blessing and a curse. Just look at my inbox, lol.


Today's the 14th of May

Second update today. I rescanned Nobunaga's Ambition in a much higher quality scan. I'll redo all the Japanese games at some point. I also scanned the Panasonic Photo CD designed for the 3DO.


I updated the webring page with some fairly obvious, but apparently severely overlooked information. This pertains to everyone who has submitted their site to the ring and anyone that will submit it in the future. If you submitted your site and it hasn't been accepted yet, read that page.

I've also scanned a couple new Japanese games, Worldcup Super Stadium and New How's: Front How's. That one is apparently the first of 3 programs used for house design and building.

12th of May update

I've scanned and put up several manual requests this time. Alone In The Dark, Total Eclipse, and Out Of This World. I've also cleaned up the links page a bit, removing some of the defunct links.

18th of February update

I just received a bunch of Japanese games and other stuff. That will slowly get scanned in. Scanned this time we have The Little House and Aesop's Fables: Cinderella. I've also scanned the Rock 3 joystick box. More will be up when I get the chance.


25th of November update

I've updated the 3DO faq and uploaded an update zip file of the new box scans. Also, just making a little observation here. I've come across numerous sites using my box scans, other 3DO sites, game shops, Ebay auctions, everywhere. It's quite nice to see them spread out all over the place. And yes, they are mine. When you see the same scan of a crushed Flashback box on 4 different sites, it's pretty obvious, lol. As I stated before, it'd be nice to get some credit if you're going to use the scans, just to direct some traffic back here, but it's not required. Use away!

I've also got a couple new 3DO items on the way which will be scanned when they arrive. Scans may be a bit different from now on as I've switched to 1024x768 screen resolution, but they'll definitely be much higher quality with the new scanner. I'm still taking manual scan requests and if you see a really crummy box scan up and want to see a better one, let me know.

10th of October update

I've got my new scanner up and running and the scans are looking good.  I'm still taking requests for manual scans. All requests were filled some time back and I haven't received any new ones yet.  I don't have many games left to scan, but I'm attempting to fix that with some possible new purchases. The 3DO emulator project is still going strong and looks like it may be finished some time in the not too distant future. Keep an eye on that. Links to the project homepage can be found on the Links page. Also, the 3DO version of Star Control 2 has has its source code released, so there's been a lot of activity going on with that. I'll have links to the related sites in the next update.

Now, onto this update... I've scanned 3 new games. The first is Battle Pinball. Next we have another Japanese game that seems to be titled Go Conquest, at least roughly. Very roughly. The same goes for Sleepless Night. Literal translations can be quite confusing. I seriously doubt any game company would name a title "Furthermore the night when you cannot sleep". If only the language translated with less confusion. that's it for this update. I'll be going over my games and items to see what still needs to be scanned.

8th of July update

I know I haven't updated in some time. I do have a lot to put up though. However, I'm not going to be using my old scanner to do it. I'm getting ready to buy a new one. The old one freezes my computer when it scans and it's quite annoying. I can't do anything while it scans. Really though, it's an old parallel port scanner from 1998 and I'm looking at an HP 3570 USB scanner. So once I get that, updates will begin again. Sorry for the wait, but I'm still here and updates are only on pause for now.

26th of February update

I put up the Star Control 2 manual. I also moved all the manuals to the fileplanet download servers as some of them were kinda big and taking up a lot of space. So you'll have to log in to download them now. I also forgot to mention that I put up a video demo of Killing Time on the Unique page a little while ago.

25th of February update

I put up a better scan of Snow Job because someone was looking for a higher quality scan. It's still hard to read, but it's much better than before and really, that's the best my scanner can do. I also need to put up the scan of the Star Control manual. I need to upload it. Prolly tomorrow or so.

6th of February update

I created a new page called Advertising. This new page will contain printed advertising items related to the 3DO. Magazine ads, posters, etc.  I put up a zip file containing mp3s from the game Policenauts on the Unique page.

3rd of February update

I put up a few audio copies of some old 3DO tv commercials. Thanks go to TheBondoBandit for sending them to me! Check them out on The Unique page with the other 3DO commercial there. Something I neglected to mention is that some of the files on my site require a GameSpy login id to download. It's free so no worries there. All the commercials require this id, so if you don't have one, just sign up when you try to download the files!


9th of October update

I scanned a few new games and put them up. Chinese Checkers, Kure Yon Shin Chan and Takeru.

7th of October update

The Space Hulk manual was requested and is now scanned. Enjoy. I'm always taking manual requests too.

4th of October update

I would have had this up sooner, but I had to build a new computer since my last one fried and I was running on older parts for a bit. Anyway, I put up the Captain Quazar manual that was requested. All nice and scanned in pdf format.

15th of August update

I added quite a few new links on the links page. Lots of sites I found and neglected to put up and I also cleaned up a couple links that needed updating. I added a picture of the FZ-1 VCD adapter to the photos page as well.

13th of August update

I've put up a lot of new photos, scans and screenshots on the Photos page. Lots of new stuff like screenshots from Save Yourself, D2, the 3DO hotel unit, and more. Also, there's a new link to an interesting M2 site. Both in translated and original form. Most of the new items were submitted to me by Zangardo. If you want me to remove your name or change it to something else (as that's the only name I know you by), let me know.

1st of August update

Bit of a small update here. Someone requested I put the box scans in a zip file for easy download of them all in one shot. Can't hurt, so I zipped them up and you can find the 16 meg file on the files page for anyone that wants it. I have some more stuff to put up and scan if I can only quit playing Diablo 2 with my friend for 5 minutes, I can get it done.

11th of May update

I received a couple items in the mail, one of which I've scanned. The Shockwave page out of the demo catalog given to retail stores. Also scanned is Doctor Hauzer.

24th of April update

I scanned the 3D Zero SNES controller adapter box, and made more minor changes to the site.

18th of April update

I scanned the next to last requested manual so far, Need for Speed, so that's up. The last manual to be scanned is Space Hulk.

17th of April update

I scanned two more titles today. Susono Country Club. That one is a multimedia tour of a Japanese golf course. The next is roughly titled Global Defense. It appears to be  an informational title about Japanese military defenses.

16th of April update

I've just scanned and put up a nice group of games. Twinkle Knights, J. League Virtual Stadium '95, and Mitsumasa Anno's Four Seasons in Pepperon. The last one is a very unusual title and I'm not quite sure what it is, although it looks like colonial America in the screenshots. Maybe it's educational? I haven't played it yet, so I don't know. I added a couple games to the incomplete game list as well. Also, I seem to have scanned a couple titles quite some time ago and neglected to put them up. After looking at them and seeing the lousy quality from way back then, I rescanned them at a much higher quality level and put them up, Winners Take All and Nice Body. I seem to have pretty much cleared up the major visual quality problems on scans so all new ones should be MUCH better than anything I've scanned before. So if you see something that looks awful and you would like a better scan of it, let me know. I still have 2 large manuals to scan, but I'm still taking manual scan requests, so send them in if you need them.

15th of April update

Well, it's all done. The entire site has been redesigned from top to bottom. I hope everyone will like it, because I think it looks great. I'm still going to go over things and make sure I didn't miss any small details and if I think of anything else, I'll add it. But, it's done. It was quite a lot of work too, so I'd appreciate any comments on the redesign either in the forums or even the guest book.

14th of April update

Well, it's all looking good. I finished all the graphics. I also added a few more visual effects. Some of these things probably won't be visible in Netscape or old versions of I.E., but that's life. It looks great on my end though. Other than changing minor visuals, they have no other effect.

13th of April update

The new side menu, is made up of Flash buttons. Also, all of the page titles are now graphics that I designed myself. Background colors, fonts and font colors have also been changed, quite obviously. Everything is being designed for and looks good in 800x600. Also, certain visual elements may not be visible in Netscape, other browsers or older versions of I.E. These are only small visual enhancements and have no other effect.

12th of April update

If it's not obvious by now, I'm completely redesigning the site. So, excuse anything that doesn't look right or isn't finished yet. I've got quite a few graphics to design among other things, so I'm putting em up as I go along. Pages that look finished, probably aren't yet.

11th of April update

Next mini update... I've repaired the java chatroom. Really, I just replaced it. Anyway, the html based chat is gone as it was awful anyway.

Mini update... I cleaned up the links page. Also, for some unknown reason, I neglected to put up a link for the 3DO mailing list for quite a long time. Here it is, so go sign up and start sending messages. Sector3DO mailing list

I just finished the next requested manual, Starfighter. I think I figured out some of the quality problems and I scanned this one in black & white and also enlarged the size quite a bit, so now it's much clearer. The next 2 to come are Space Hulk and Need for Speed. In case anyone doesn't know, .pdf files are readable by Adobe Acrobat and probably some other programs. I also fixed the links to the forum, so that should be fine again.

10th of April update

Well, I got an interesting suggestion I never thought of... A request for the manual scans to be in .pdf format. An excellent idea! It sure beats putting up 15 links for 15 different .jpg files you need to download, plus you can download them for your reference. Of course, they're still coming off my scanner, so they aren't all the best looking things in the world, but... I recompiled all the old manuals into .pdf format and scanned in some new requests. Shockwave is the newest request...

Apparently, some of the screenshots I use on the various pages are from ... I'm not sure which ones as I've picked them up all over the web, but some of them DO come from that site as I sure didn't take any of them. Anyway, go have a look as they have a 3DO section in the archived section with quite a lot of reviews.

1st of February update

Ok, I've been dealing with a fractured arm, so excuse the lack of updates. I'm gonna try to get some stuff up this week. However... People, listen, if you are going to submit a site to the 3DO Webring, PLEASE put the webring code up on your site first. I've had about 10 submissions and only TWO of them put the code on. I'm not gonna approve your site if you don't put the code up. The code has to be there so there's no "break" in the ring. People go there through the ring and then theres no code/links and they can't go any further. Please, put the code up.


2nd of December update

Yep, it's been a little while. Too much chatting kept me busy I suppose! The webring had some glitches when it was transferred but it's all good now. I cleaned it up a bit, but still need to go over the sites in it. I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to make some things because I'd like to do some visual upgrades to the site. Who knows what I'll come up with. I scanned and put up Policenauts, Games Master and Peter Frankle: Tower of Challenge. The name might be a bit off, but that's what I have it as.

13th of September update

Second update... Bakusito and J. League Virtual stadium are scanned and up. Also, I just won on auction J League Virutal Stadium '95, the second in the series. 

12th of September update

Well, there's not much to be said about what happened. Those responsible will pay dearly. Terrorists are enemies of the whole world. ...Let hell rain down upon our enemies...

It's not much, but, Emit Vol. 1 and 2 have been scanned and are up. I intend to do a few updates this week to give you some new stuff to look at. 

8th of July update

Okee dokee. This time I've scanned Hello Kitty Toy Box and Nobunaga's Ambition. I'm working on getting some other stuff scanned like an ad or two. Next time maybe.

25th of June update

Well, I finally got a plug for my scanner. Took me long enough. Anyway, I had a request for the control layout for Wing Commander III. Cept the whole frikken manual is control layouts. So I just scanned the whole darn thing. It all should look ok, but I'm not that sure. That's a LOT of scans for that manual too. Anyway, I also scanned Paddock Note '95. That's all for now.

5th of June update

I just went over the links page and updated the active sites. Changed some links, removed some dead sites and added a few new ones as well. I haven't received the new games yet. Maybe today? The games in this batch are Bakusito, Twinkle Knights and Tower of Puzzle. I just won Game Master and am also waiting on that one. Also, in the process of going over the links, I stopped by 3DO 4 Life... And guess what! He's STILL attacking this site! STILL! This was lifted right off his main page... 

"so there's 3 reviews for you hungry 3DO fans out there who thought about turning to 3DO Today instead of good old 3DO, but I know you would never do that just so you could wait a month to hear about a japense box scan right? Wait a month for 3 reviews!"

Amazing, truly amazing. Ok, fine, if he's going to attack me and make claims about his site, I was at least going to have a look around. For the most "frequently" updated site (He hadn't updated for a month, supposedly due to computer problems.) there's NOTHING there! This is what he has there. A link by link rundown. Top of the page links include a credits page, a media page with a slide slow, a page detailing an look upgrade to the site, a page praising the 3DO with this lovely excerpt on it, 

"Heck look at 3DO TODAY almost never updated and yet he has all those games and doesn't review a one. And look at YOU in the 3DO world looking at my site pickin your ass saying " Gee he needs some better pictures and design! " Why don't you do it then. Or why don't you review a game for me. Nope only one person has e-mailed me about the review but still haven't reviewed the game."

So, he says my site is almost never updated (At least once a month, more when I have the time, i.e. last month and this month) and gets mad at me for not having reviews. Ok, I'm sorry, I have over >2000< video games and I have neither the time nor desire to review games. I will review Japanese games on request and as time permits as I've already done if you check out the Panasonic 3DO Review Page(3 Japanese game reviews there) and THEN he says that if you want to see anything on his site, you should do the work yourself and send it to him so he can add it to his page. I never asked anyone to do anything for me (except had a friend translate the titles to some Japanese games). I did EVERYTHING here all by myself. If someone sent me something, great! There's a links page, a reviews page, a what he thinks page, other systems page and a facts page. He also has a message board. His site is frequently updated... With what?! Reviews of US games that have already been reviewed time and again over the past 7 years. You want reviews? Here. Go visit Game Zero's 3DO reviews page. There's your reviews. If you're going to attack or insult me (When I have done NOTHING to deserve it, least of all throw out unprovoked attacks.), at least have a leg to stand on when you do it. 


4th of June update

Well, I made the manuals page and have a couple manuals and control layouts on it for now. Hell, Game Guru and Flying Nightmares. I'm also getting several more Japanese 3DO games in the mail, hopefully today. I'm STILL working on the scanner. It'll be working sooner or later.

18th of May update

Someone emailed me asking if I could type out or scan the controls for Flying Nightmares. Well, since there were too many to type, I just used my partially functional scanner to scan the controls card. Anyway, for now, I'm just going to link the two scans from right here. However, as I also scanned the Hell manual for someone, I will probably make a manuals page soon. So, if you have any requests for the controls section of a particular manual ONLY, email it to me. I'm not doing whole manuals.

Flying Nightmares Control Layout

Page 1       Page 2

13th of May update

I've had a few requests to share my games over the internet. That would be interesting, except for that fact that I'm on a 56k modem and it'd take half of forever to upload them anywhere and even worse if I let people take each one from my computer. Just letting everyone know that it's just not feasible. I just counted, and I've got 15 unscanned games for whenever I get this damn scanner functioning again. 

8th of May update

Well, I'm still not having any luck with a power plug for my scanner. Sooner or later, I'll find one. I DID buy a few more things that will be scanned whenever I get it fixed. Paddock Note '95, Nobunaga's Ambition and the 3DZero controller adapter. I was going over my games and realized that I had left quite a few of the Japanese ones off the game list. So, I went over ALL my Japanese games and made a nice sized update to the game list if you want to look. I also have two pages about the 3DO from a  magazine that someone sent me to scan. There are a few new sites in the 3DO Webring as well, so, if you haven't been through there in a while, go check them all out.

25th of March update

Ok, well, I've sort f got my scanner working with a plug that really isn't designed for it. But it'll do for now. I've scanned Theatre Wars and that's up. I also scanned the 3DO Game Guide book that I got a little while ago. That's on the accessories page of course. I'm waiting on a 3DZero controller adapter in the mail. Haven't seen one of those in a  long time and got lucky in buying it, so I'll scan that as soon as is arrives. 

11th of March update

Ok, I'm an idiot. I said I had nothing to update with. Well, a friend of mine informed that I DID have something and he was right. I sent him a copy of Dinopark Tycoon to make some Game Guru codes for a few months or so ago and he made the codes, and I got them and looked them over and... Completely forgot about them. You can thank the code creator for kicking me in the butt and reminding me. So, go check out the newly update Game Guru code list on the Files page if you have Dinopark Tycoon. Oh, and I went out to find a new adapter for the scanner. However, I need a 12v 1250 mA adapter and I can only find up to 1000 mA around here. I might have to buy it over the internet if my luck runs out down here.

10th of March update

Yes, yes, I know. No updates in a while. Well, there's a few reasons for that. One, the power plug for my scanner died. It's not easy finding a replacement either. I've got a bunch of games to scan. Hansel and Gretel, Theatre Wars, Doctor Hauzer, etc. The second reason is, I've been busy taking some time off from stuff. I've been working on the site since March of 1997. That's 4 years. So anyone who thinks I'm being lazy and slacking off, you know who you are, I don't care. I've got upwards of 30 or more megs of content on this site in that time. I own almost every single US 3DO title ever released and about 70 or so Japanese games. That's what, 350? 360? or so JUST in games. 99% of that has been scanned and put up. Let's let the complainers go out, buy that many games and scan them. Yeah, I didn't think so.  The final reason for a lack of updates is that I don't want to run out of things to update WITH. What good is flooding the site with updates and then having nothing left to update with? Hmmmm? Think about it. This site is not and never will be going anywhere and as long as there are Japanese games and other odd items left for me to buy out there, I'll have something to update the site with. And anyway, as I said when I first created the site. I'm not going anywhere, and I will update, even if it's only to say Hi, nothing new. As a matter of fact, that's been on the Credits page for years now. Anyway, as soon as I get a new plug, I'll start scanning more games in. However, as a little extra, I've taken a picture of the cabinet that hold my entire collection of 3DO games, as well as Playstation, Sega CD and Sega Saturn games. So you can see that I DO actually own them all, heh! It wasn't very neat when I took the picture, but oh well. I'll take a nicer one later. My Games.

27th of January update

Not much of an update. The snow came down, but that's the only change I made. Ben messing around with all my new Christmas stuff.  I'll have an update sooner or later.


13th of December update

I've made quite a few changes to the site and I've added some Christmas character to a couple pages as well. Some of you with older or incompatible browsers may not be able to see it however. I've rescanned several terrible pictures. Belzerion, Multimedia Cruising and Deep Blue Fleet were quite terrible in one way or another. I also somehow missed scanning Putt Putt Joins the Parade so that's now scanned and up. If you want a better scan of something, just ask.

10th of December update

Quick update here. I uploaded a much improved rescan of Royal Pro Wrestling. I've also been making some changes to the frames pages as well. I'll  have a whole pile of Japanese 3DO games coming in the the next two weeks so I'll have a lot of new goodies to scan. I also need to scan the new 3DO Game Guide I just received. Sometime this week prolly. I'm also working on getting some Game Guru codes for Dinopark Tycoon if it's possible. I'm surprised noone has requested any Game Guru codes. I've got someone who can make them but noone seems to want any. If the game has a save file, you can request a code for the game. 

20th of November update

Apparently, the picture of the M2 game I put up is a fake. I was told by someone who purchased the cd that the game was actually the Playstation version with a dummied up M2 logo. It figures that someone would attempt to run a scam on fake M2 games. I couldn't tell you if it was the original auction seller or not. If it was though, he only got 10 bucks for all his hard work. 

There has been some talk in the newsgroup about the development stations. I have had a photo up of what should be one of these systems. I had a couple others lying around, and I just put them up on the picture page if anyone would like to see them.

I rescanned the rear inserts for Yu Yu Hakusho and Belzerion because someone requested better scans of them. Right now, the scans are as good as they'll ever be with my scanner and look much better as well. If you would like a better scan of something, email me and let me know. I've also scanned Ultraman Powered and Kamachi's Museum. One last thing. I've decided to make the updates a bit more noticeable by changing the text color on all new additions so no one misses anything.

1st of November update

Happy Halloween. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Christmas not far behind.

I received a bunch of new Japanese games last week and found a bunch more I haven't scanned yet. I've scanned the extremely impossible to find game, The Tower as well as Montana Jones and a Masters: Harukanaru Augusta 3. The last one is a demo and apparently the fourth game in the T&E Golf Classics series. I'm not sure if the actual game was ever released though. I've also neglected the Incomplete 3DO Game List for quite some time so I could do a major update, which I've just done.   Version 6.0 of the list is up with lots of new games and a complete list of everything 3DO that I own. Also, as I mentioned some time back, if you think a particular scan of a game is bad, let me know and I'll redo it.

12th of October update

I just received and scanned Defcon 5. It's the European version. I'm not real sure if they released this anywhere else though. I also put of the picture of the M2 Speed Racer cd on the pictures page. I've still got lots of excess 3DO items for sale. Make me a decent offer on anything you see on this list.

17th of September update

Not much this time. I just went over some of the page titles and changed a couple fonts and renamed a few pages. By the way, on the Files page, you'll find a font pack. It's actually a Star Trek font pack from some years back. I use some of them on the titles and elsewhere. So, if you want to see the correct fonts and have a few extra to play with on your computer, just download the file. Unzip it and use the Windows control panel to install them from wherever you unzipped it. I'm not sure if Truetype fonts work on Macs or any other type of computer, but you're welcome to try. I'll get some new scans up soon and I'm also waiting for Defcon 5 from England. I'll scan that as soon as it arrives as it seems pretty scarce.


1st of September update

Well, I'm still waiting on Real Pinball, if the guy ever decides to mail the dang thing to me. I've scanned Murphy's TV and Macaroni Interactive though. There was supposedly and M2 game cd for sale on Ebay. I've got a picture of the cd, however, it was taken on an angle(why, I have NO idea) so it's not the best picture. However, it DOES look to be an original M2 cd of a Speed Racer game. Of course, I've also NO idea why ANY company would program and print a copy of a Speed Racer game as their first M2 endeavor, but, hey... I'll have the picture up sooner or later. Prolly sooner though as I'm sure some people might like to see it.  I'm still selling those excess games on the list below.  Doesn't anyone want any of these things? Make me a reasonable offer on anything you see on the list! One other thing... I've gotten a few emails from people asking if I know where to find a complete 3DO games list. Well, yes, I do, sort of. If you don't know by now, the Incomplete 3DO games list on the Files page is about as complete as you will ever find on the net. It lists all the US games and all European/Japanese titles I own as well as a lot of unknown titles. You won't find a more complete list anywhere. I know, I've looked. That's how I picked up a lot of the Japanese game names. I'm also waiting on 2 more Japanese games in the next week or so. Doctor Hauzer and Montana Jones. I'm quite amazed that I only paid 10 bucks for Hauze considering what it usually sells for. I'll scan those when they arrive.

24th of August update

And a 3rd update... I've put up a bunch of new pictures on the picture page. Pictures of the 3DO memory unit released in Japan as well as the FZ-10 video cd module. Also an autographed copy of D from Japan and a D keychain sent out by Panasonic.  I've also updated the incomplete game list.

Oooh, a second update. Well, this is sort of an update. I have 24 crummy, blurry pictures of Japanese 3DO games. I'm going to put them up here and will remove each one as I learn their names. Could everyone do me a favor and look at each picture and tell me if you recognize the game? It is very unlikely that any of the text is readable, but the pictures are decent enough that everyone should be able to recognize a game they owned, saw in a store, whatever. So, here are the scans. Please, have a look and mail me if you find one that you can definately name. Sorry about the tiny size. It's pretty late, I want to get this up, and I didn't get around to enlargening them. I'll do that tomorrow. If you can't make a picture out, just check back tomorrow and I should have them giant sized a bit. If you find one you recognize, mail me.

1 - I think I can make out a battleship on this one.

2 - This one, I have no idea.

3 - Autobahn Tokyo

4 - That F1 game maybe?

5 - I have absolutely no idea. And it's a real crummy picture.

6 - I think this is Wacky Races: In Space. ???

7 - Little Red Riding Hood by Elcom?

8 - Not a clue. Not one.

9 - Not even a guess...

10 - A Warp game. Trip'd 2? Short Warp? Something else?

11 - Soccer? Baseball? Such a lousy picture, it could be a cannonball.

12 -And this is?

13 - Is that a wolf? A wolf in a suit? Could be a Klingon for that fact.

14 - Pachisuro Simulator Vol. 1

15 - Neo Organic Bioform

16 - The Great Wall maybe? I heard that title somewhere.

17 -Great, it's the rear of a game. I don't have high hopes for this one.

18 - The Little Mermaid by Elcom perhaps?

19 - Looks like Bruce Lee...

20 - Battle Pinball

21 - I think I can make out Row 5...

22 - A Sanyo title. Other then that, Zeus knows...

23 - It's... It's... I have no idea...

24 - Masters... A golf game maybe?


Well, it's been a little while, but I've got some good new titles scanned and up.  This time we have Putt Putt's Fun Pack, AV Girl Mahjong, Super Mahjong PIV, Virtual Cameraman Part 3 and I'm finally able to get rid of that dinky Penthouse Interactive picture I had up which was enlarged from another picture. Now I own the real thing and I've got the scans to prove it. Heh! I should have VR Stalker up soon but I didn't like the way the scans were coming out. It'll pop up soon though.   I'm in the process of possibly buying a few interesting items. When I know more, I'll update everyone.  Not a whole lot else. I cleaned some blank entries and some obvious spam out of the guestbook.  I'll have some interesting pictures up on the picture page shortly. Maybe later today, maybe not. I almost forgot! I also scanned the 3DO Action Pak as well.

Ok, this is a BIT screwy here. I am looking for a few items.  I picked up a few of the adult titles by Vivid.  Let me do a bit of explaining first. A distributor who sold these games/made them, had some unpackaged titles left which, in the process of packaging discovered that he didn't have ALL of the correct inserts/boxes for these games. So, he substituted PC version inserts and left out the box/sleeve for some. These were all brand new from the distributor. Anyways, that said, this is what I need. For the title Sex, I have the REAR PC insert and I would buy, OR trade this PC insert for the correct 3DO REAR insert. I also need the sleeve/box that the jewelcase slides into. For the title Love Bites, I need the correct FRONT 3DO insert. I have a PC insert and would trade this OR purchase the correct 3DO insert. I also need the box/sleeve for Love Bites as well. Of course, the box/sleeve for both titles must be the 3DO box, not the PC or any other box. If anyone has any of these items for sale/trade. let me know!

I also need an ORIGINAL instruction book for Escape from Monster Manor. It must be complete and still stapled together. Otherwise, the condition doesn't matter TOO much.  I also still need the items below.

I'm currently looking for a few items. The ORIGINAL instruction booklet to Bust a Move. Also, for that same game I need the original rear insert in the jewelcase.


10th of August update

I fixed the broken Japanese 3DO Magazine and Live cd scans. What else... Ah, I've also compiled a list of all my excess 3DO games and items I'm looking to sell. There's not a whole lot, but I really don't want it lying around anymore.  If you're interested in anything, email me and make me a decent offer. I'm also willing to trade something reasonable for the slipcase/outer box and the rear insert for the Vivid title, Sex. Here's the list. I've got the cd, and the front insert already. I should also be receiving Murphy's TV and REAL Pinball within the next week or thereabout.

If any of you out there are in the 3DO Webring, please change the dang links in the webring html already! I know I've emailed most of you already, and only a few have changed to the new    url. It's not that hard. Really, it isn't!


1st of August update

This time I've scanned a couple Japanese games I've had around for a while. Bonogurashi and Miyuki Nakajima. There are some new additions to the 3DO webring, so go check these new sites out. Also, if you ever wanted a Game Guru code for a game, now is the time to email me so I can forward the request to the code creator. If you are going to ask for a code, make sure the coe isn't on the Game Guru cd OR in the new code list on this site. Also, make sure the game has a save game file. If it doesn't, no codes can be made for the game.

1st of July update

I've updated the 3DO Game Guru code list with new codes created by TomServo. First, for anyone who was having trouble with the Star Control 2 Melnorme credit codes, there's an explanation of the problem and a work around code for you. Next and best of all, there are finally workable Lucienne's Quest codes! 3 to be exact, and 3 very excellent ones even! Well, the emails are still rolling in, although a bit slower now. I've still got more games to scan, and a couple new ones I am getting so I'll get back to scanning soon enough. We still need more folks looking for new 3DO games to email me!

23rd of June update

Alright, we have about 50 emails tallied up for far. We need more though, so if you have any interest in buying new 3DO games or some of those unfinished ones you've always wanted, send me a message. Get the word out, tell your friends and your enemies. Grab anyone with an email address that would buy a new game and have em send me a message! The company involved is definately interested, but they need to see there is enough interest to make it worth the effort to get all the necessary equipment, find unreleased games, and track down anything and anyone else they need to make this happen. Email me!

17th of June update

Ok, this is a big announcement folks. I've been in contact with a company that may be willing to release some new or unfinished(they'll be completed of course) 3DO games. They'd like me to gauge the interest in this idea. However, I need some help. I need to find out what you all think. Do you want to see new 3DO games? Would you like to see unfinished games like NHL 96, Isis, Waterworld, 11th Hour or others finished? You've got to EMAIL ME and let me know. Tell me what games you would like to see finished(and also the company that was originally working on them if possible) If we get a good showing, there may be new games on the horizon. This company is very reliable and has released lots of games for various systems. They seemed very interested and I'm sure would get the ball rolling if we get a good response here. Personally, I'd love to see that Star Trek the Next Generation game finished.  

Here's a little interesting tidbit. In the insert of one of the early demo cds, there's a screen shot of the save game memory manager in the 3DO. Strangely enough, there's a save game file called final_fantasy. Figure that one out!

June 10th update

Lemmings is scanned and up. I've also made an update to the 3DO faq and to the Incomplete 3DO game list. I've also added a new link to a file that will read 3DO cds for those without SCSI cdrom drives. I just received a new Japanese game that I need to have translated first so I can scan that one.

May 20th update

The 3DO commercial is back up. 3DO commercial

Everything else should be up and working correctly after the changeover. There's one set of Japanese magazine scans that seem to have disappeared and I'll have those back soon. If anyone notices any other problems, let me know.

May 19th update

Well, as you can see, I've moved the site to a much more appropriate community. For any new visitors, this site has been around since May of 98. I figured it was time to move the site somewhere where it would get a lot more exposure seeing as advertising the site all by self will only get it so far. There are a few items that need to be worked on and the 3DO commercial should be back up soon.

May 11th update

Alrighty. I've got a few new scans this time. Endlessly, Puppet Tales and Mathemagics are up now. When I get to them, I've got some more Japanese titles, Lemmings and Putt Putt Joins the Parade to scan. Of course Putt Putt is a far better game than Shadow or Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. You know your game sucks when a childs educational title is far more fun to play.