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Romance of the 3 Kingdoms IV


These are scanned manuals and control layouts. I will scan control layouts only on request. They are in Adobe, so you need to have a program capable of reading that format. They can also be fairly large files as well, a couple megs a piece for some depending on the manual.


Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader free from Adobe.

Alone In The Dark 1.5mb
Captain Quazar 1.8mb
Flying Nightmares Control Layout 162k
Game Guru 2.7mb
Hell 550k
Out Of This World 1.7mb
Shockwave 562k
Space Ace 632k
Space Hulk 1.3mb
Star Control 2 3.5mb
Starfighter 1.1mb
The Need for Speed 1.2mb
Total Eclipse 1.9mb
Wing Commander III 1.4mb