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You can find lots of  photos of unusual, hard to find, and just plain interesting 3DO items here.

The Samsung 3DO Prototype.

The 3DO X. A modified 3DO, rebadged and repainted silver.

This is a Panasonic 3DO Karaoke mixer used for... you guessed it, karaoke.

3DO Karaoke Mixer
Photo #2

This is a photo of the 3DO unit AT&T was going to market. Its design looks like a mixture of the original Panasonic unit and the Goldstar unit.

AT&T 3DO Prototype

This is a set of developer manuals to be used with the 3DO developer system.

3DO Developer's Manuals
Photo #2

Screenshots from the unreleased 3DO game, Save Yourself...

Save Yourself...
Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2
Screenshot #3
Screenshot #4

Screenshots from the unreleased M2 game, D2.

Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2
Screenshot #3
Screenshot #4
Screenshot #5
Screenshot #6

This is a 3DO Panasonic ROBO hotel unit designed for use as a pay per use system in hotels or anywhere else you wanted people to pay to use a 3DO I suppose. Essentially, it is a 3DO unit with a cd changer modification locked inside a desktop computer sided case.

3DO ROBO Hotel Unit
Photo #2
Photo #3
Photo #4
Photo #5
Photo #6
Photo #7 Animated .gif

This is a boxed Panasonic Video CD module for the Japanese FZ-1 unit. I do not know whether it works on any other models. (US and European models)

Panasonic FZ-1 Video CD Module

This is a boxed Panasonic Video CD module for the Japanese FZ-10 unit. I do not know whether it works on any other models. (US and European models)

Panasonic FZ-10 Video CD Module

This is a boxed Japanese 3DO Memory Unit. This unit provides 256k of extra backup memory and plugs into the expansion port of the FZ-10. It may also work with the FZ-1 unit, but that has not been confirmed yet.

Panasonic 256k Memory Unit

This is a photo of the Japanese Sanyo 3DO unit as well as the front of the box it came in. It's a pretty nice looking unit too!

Sanyo 3DO Unit and Box

This is a closeup of the the Japanese Sanyo 3DO unit. Note that apparently, the controller port on the lower right side of the unit has a cover like some of the controller's pass through ports. This could say something about the quality of the unit as I don't recall seeing those covers on the Panasonic or Goldstar units. To include this extra is certainly a minor plus towards Sanyo.

Sanyo 3DO Unit Closeup

Here's another photo of the Japanese 3DO unit. This one is just the unit without the box. There appears to be a wavy design to the top right and left sides of the unit. Interesting.

Sanyo 3DO Unit

Unusual M2 faked cd. I can't really imagine why as it sold for very little.

M2 Speed Racer Go Go Go cd

Here we have a very interesting D keychain that Panasonic sent out.

D Keychain

This is an autographed copy of the Japanese version of D. The autograph is numbered 53 of 100.

Autographed D

Well, these next few items are fairly interesting. I was searching the net and came across a company that apparently has designed some or all of the 3DO company's various advertisements and in house designs. They've displayed some of the various work they've done, which includes mostly some of the more recent 3DO offerings, but I weeded out all of the 3DO console specific pictures.

3DO Annual Report Cover Design
3DO Folder Design
3DO Software Catalog Design

This is certainly a nice looking item. It's a 3DO and other multi console joystick.

Battle King Joystick

Here's a picture of the elusive 3DO steering wheel. I'd like to get my hands on one of these and see how good it really is.

3DO Steering Wheel

Here we have a couple shots of the 3DO memory card prototype. Apparently, the prototype is fully functional.

3DO Memory Card
3DO Memory Card Plugged In

Now here's an interesting picture! This is the M2 add on for the Panasonic 3DO FZ-10! Does anyone know if this device actually works or is it just an empty shell?

FZ-10 M2 Add On