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Active 3DO Related Sites


3DO Zero Forums

The best 3DO forum around, hosted by the 3DO Kid. This is definitely the place to go if you want to talk to fellow 3DO fans and catch up on the latest in the 3DO community.

3DO Interactive Multiplayer blog

3DO blog run by the 3DO Kid with interesting and informative reviews of almost every 3DO game. Definitely well worth your time.

The FreeDO Project

Homepage of the 2nd attempt at a 3DO emulator.  Go have a look.


Multiple Platform Sites With 3DO Material


United Game Source

Great place to buy 3DO games and hardware from as well as many other game platforms.


Inactive 3DO Sites

Sector3DO Mailing List

The one and only 3DO mailing list. Currently inactive.


Here's a nice site with a really interesting 3DO game rating page set up. Check this place out if you're looking to see which games reviewers think are cool, and which ones suck exhaust fumes! There's also a few links to 3DO game sellers in the United Kingdom.

3DO Nexus

Small site with a buyers guide a few links.

3DO 4 LIFE - New Site

This is a new 3DO page. There's lots of updates and reviews for you to look at. Check it out and see what you think.


Non 3DO Specific Sites


Video Game Critic

Thousands of capsule video game reviews for all classic consoles including the 3DO.

The Strange and Rare Videogame Pics Page

The name says it all. You can find all kinds of pictures and information on all sorts of unusual video systems and the like at this place. If you want to see game systems that never made it out the door, this is definately the place to go.

United Game Source

Nice online video game dealer. They've been around for quite some time and have a very nice selection of 3DO games and hardware for sale. Check them out!

Good Deal Games

This is an online video game shop. They've got 3DO games for sale as well as games for many other systems are are part of the 3DO WebRing.. You can also find a 3DO crossword puzzle here!


M2 Related Sites