The Incomplete 3DO Game List v9.0
This list includes all of the games I own (marked with a *) and some titles
that I do not own. This is NOT a complete list of all 3DO titles. 
Number of games I own.
181 US releases
2    known US releases needed
136 Japanese releases
2    European releases
2    Korean releases
5    Unofficial releases
*   Indicates a title that I own a complete original version of
All titles I own are complete and original.
US releases                
*3DO Action Pak (4 CDs)          (Compilation)  The 3DO Company
*3DO Game Guru                   (Programming)  The 3DO Company                
*3DO Maniac Pack (4 CDs)         (Compilation)  The 3DO Company
*3DO Sampler #1                      (Sampler)  The 3DO Company
*3DO Sampler #2                      (Sampler)  The 3DO Company
*3DO Sampler #3                      (Sampler)  The 3DO Company
*3DO Sampler #4                      (Sampler)  The 3DO Company
*3D Atlas                        (Information)  Electronic Arts
*AD&D Death Keep                         (RPG)  Strategic Simulations Inc.
*AD&D Slayer                             (RPG)  Strategic Simulations Inc.
*Alone In The Dark                 (Adventure)  Interplay Productions
*Alone In The Dark 2               (Adventure)  Interplay Productions
*Ballz: The Director's Cut          (Fighting)  Panasonic Software Company
*Battle Chess                       (Strategy)  Interplay Productions
*Battlesport                          (Action)  Studio 3DO
*BC Racers                            (Racing)  LG Electronics
*Blade Force                          (Action)  Studio 3DO
*Blonde Justice                        (Adult)  Vivid Interactive
*Brain Dead 13           (Interactive Cartoon)  ReadySoft                                    
*Burning Soldier                      (Action)  Panasonic Software Company
*Bust-A-Move                        (Strategy)  Panasonic Software Company
*Cannon Fodder                      (Strategy)  Virgin Interactive
*Captain Quazar                    (Adventure)  Studio 3DO
*Carrier: Fortress at Sea        (Information)  Panasonic Software Company
*Casper                            (Adventure)  Interplay Productions
*Club 3DO: Station Invasion      (Edutainment)  Studio 3DO
*Corpse Killer                        (Action)  Digital Pictures
*Coven                                 (Adult)  Vivid Interactive
*Cowboy Casino                      (Strategy)  Intellimedia Sports
*Crash N' Burn                        (Racing)  Crystal Dynamics
*Creature Shock (2 CDs)               (Action)  Virgin Interactive Entertainment
*Crime Patrol                         (Action)  American Laser Games
*Cyberia                           (Adventure)  Interplay Productions
*Cyberdillo                        (Adventure)  Panasonic Software Company
*D (2 CDs)                         (Adventure)  Panasonic Software Company
*Demolition Man                    (Adventure)  Virgin Interactive Entertainment
*Dennis Miller - That's News To Me  (Entertainment)  Sanctuary Woods
*Digital Dreamware                     (Music)  Virgin Interactive Entertainment
*Dinopark Tycoon                    (Strategy)  MECC
*Doom                              (Adventure)  Art Data Interactive
*Dragon's Lair           (Interactive Cartoon)  ReadySoft
*Dragon Lore (3 CDs)               (Adventure)  Mindscape
*Drug Wars                            (Action)  American Laser Games
*Endlessly                             (Adult)  Vivid Interactive
*Escape From Monster Manor            (Action)  Electronic Arts
*ESPN Beach Volleyball        (Sports Instruction)  Intellimedia Sports
*ESPN Golf                            (Sports Instruction)  Intellimedia Sports
*ESPN Golf: Mental Messages           (Sports Instruction)  Intellimedia Sports
*ESPN Interactive Hitting             (Sports Instruction)  Intellimedia Sports
*ESPN Let's Go Skiing                 (Sports Instruction)  Intellimedia Sports
*ESPN Let's Play Soccer               (Sports Instruction)  Intellimedia Sports
*ESPN Let's Play Tennis               (Sports Instruction)  Intellimedia Sports
*ESPN Step Aerobics                   (Sports Instruction)  Intellimedia Sports
*Family Feud                     (Edutainment)  GameTek
*Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise    (Edutainment)  Humongous Entertainment
*Fatty Bear's Fun Pack           (Edutainment)  Humongous Entertainment
*FIFA Soccer                          (Sports)  Electronic Arts
*Flashback: The Quest For Identity  (Adventure)  U.S. Gold
*Flying Nightmares                   (Shooter)  Domark
*Foes Of Ali                          (Sports)  Electronic Arts
*Fun 'N Games                    (Edutainment)  Panasonic Software Company
*Gex                               (Adventure)  Crystal Dynamics
*Gridders                           (Strategy)  Tetragon
*Guardian War                            (RPG)  Panasonic Software Company
*Gunslinger Collection           (Compilation)  American Laser Games
*Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller        (Adventure)  GameTek
*Horde                              (Strategy)  Crystal Dynamics
*Ice Breaker                        (Strategy)  Panasonic Software Company
*Immercenary                          (Action)  Electronic Arts
*Immortal Desires                      (Adult)  Vivid Interactive
*Incredible Machine                 (Strategy)  Dynamix
*Iron Angel Of The Apocalypse      (Adventure)  Synergy
*Iron Angel of the Apocalypse: The Return   (Adventure)  Synergy
*Jammit                               (Sports)  GTE Interactive Media
*John Madden Football                 (Sports)  Electronic Arts
*Johnny Bazookatone                   (Action)  U.S. Gold
*Jurassic Park Interactive       (Compilation)  Universal Interactive Studios
*Killing Time                      (Adventure)  Studio 3DO
*Kingdom: The Far Reaches          (Adventure)  Interplay Productions
*Lemmings                           (Strategy)  Psysnosis
*Lost Eden                         (Adventure)  Virgin Interactive Entertainment
*Lost Files Of Sherlock Holmes       (Mystery)  Electronic Arts
*Love Bites                            (Adult)  Vivid Interactive
*Lucienne's Quest                        (RPG)  Panasonic Software Company
*Mad Dog McCree                       (Action)  American Laser Games
*Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold            (Action)  American Laser Games
*Mathemagics: An Interactive Learning Cube    (Information)  L3 Interactive
*Mazer                                (Action)  American Laser Games
*Mega Race                            (Racing)  Mindscape
*Microcosm                            (Action)  Psygnosis
*Mind Teazzer                          (Adult)  Vivid Interactive
*Myst                              (Adventure)  Panasonic Software Company
*Need For Speed                       (Racing)  Electronic Arts
*Neurodancer                           (Adult)  Electric Dreams
*Night Trap (2 CDs)              (Interactive Movie)  Digital Pictures
*Novastorm                            (Action)  Psygnosis 
*Off-World Interceptor                (Racing)  Crystal Dynamics
*Olympic Soccer                       (Sports)  U.S. Gold Sports
*Olympic Summer Games                 (Sports)  U.S. Gold Sports
*Out Of This World                 (Adventure)  Interplay Productions
*PaTaank                              (Action)  PF.Magic
*Panasonic Demonstration CD    (Demonstration)  Panasonic Software Company
*Panasonic Sampler CD                (Sampler)  Panasonic Software Company
*Panzer General                     (Strategy)  Strategic Simulations
*Perfect General                    (Strategy)  Kirin Entertainment
*PGA Tour 96                          (Sports)  EA Sports
*Phoenix 3                            (Action)  Studio 3DO
*Plumbers Don't Wear Ties              (Adult)  JC Research
*PO'ed                                (Action)  Any Channel
*Primal Rage                        (Fighting)  LG Interactive                     
*Psychic Detective (3 CDs)       (Interactive Movie)  Electronic Arts
*Putt Putt Goes To The Moon      (Edutainment)  Humongous Entertainment
*Putt Putt Joins The Parade      (Edutainment)  Humongous Entertainment
*Putt Putt's Fun Pack            (Edutainment)  Humongous Entertainment
*Quarantine                        (Adventure)  GameTek
*Quarterback Attack                   (Sports)  Digital Pictures
*Real Pinball                        (Pinball)  Panasonic Software Company
*Return Fire                        (Strategy)  Prolific Publishing
*Return Fire: Maps o'Death          (Strategy)  Prolific Publishing 
*Rise Of The Robots                 (Fighting)  Absolute Entertainment
*Road Rash                            (Racing)  Electronic Arts
*Robinson's Requiem                (Adventure)  ReadySoft
*Sample This!                        (Sampler)  Crystal Dynamics
*Samurai Shodown                    (Fighting)  Crystal Dynamics
*Scramble Cobra                      (Shooter)  Panasonic Software Company
*Seal of the Pharaoh                     (RPG)  Panasonic Software Company
*Sesame Street Numbers           (Edutainment)  EA*Kids/Electronic Arts
*Sewer Shark                          (Action)  Digital Pictures
*Sex                                   (Adult)  Vivid Interactive
*Shadow: War Of Succession          (Fighting)  Tribeca Digital
*Shanghai: Triple Threat            (Strategy)  Activision
*Shelley Duvall's: It's A Bird's Life     (Edutainment)  Sanctuary Woods
*Shock Wave                          (Shooter)  Electronic Arts
*Shock Wave: Operation Jumpgate (Requires Shockwave)      (Shooter)  Electronic Arts     
*Shock Wave 2: Beyond The Gate      (Shooter)   Electronic Arts       
*Sid Meier's C.P.U. Bach               (Music)  MicroProse Software
*Slam 'N Jam '95                      (Sports)  Crystal Dynamics
*Slope Style: An Interactive Learning Cube     (Sports Instruction)  L3 Interactive
*Snow Job                          (Adventure)  Studio 3DO
*Soccer Kid                        (Adventure)  Studio 3DO
*Space Ace               (Interactive Cartoon)  ReadySoft
*Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels        (Action)  Electronic Arts
*Space Pirates                        (Action)  American Laser Games
*StarBlade                            (Action)  Panasonic Software Company
*Star Control II                    (Strategy)  Crystal Dynamics
*Star Fighter                                  Studio 3DO
*Star Wars: Rebel Assault             (Action)  LucasArts Entertainment Co.
*Stellar 7: Draxon's Revenge          (Action)  Dynamix
*Strahl                  (Interactive Cartoon)  Panasonic Software Company
*Super Models Go Wild                  (Adult)  Vivid Interactive
*Super Street Fighter II Turbo      (Fighting)  Panasonic Software Company
*Super Wing Commander                (Shooter)  Origin Systems
*Supreme Warrior (2 CDs)            (Fighting)  Digital Pictures
*Syndicate                          (Strategy)  Electronic Arts
*The Daedalus Encounter (4 CDs)    (Adventure)  Panasonic Software Company
*The Last Bounty Hunter               (Action)  American Laser Games
*The Life Stage: Virtual House   (Edutainment)  Panasonic Software Company
*The San Diego Zoo Presents: The Animals!  (Information)  Mindscape (The Software Toolworks)           
*The Software Toolworks Presents: Oceans Below  (Information)  Mindscape (The Software Toolworks) 
*The Software Toolworks Presents: Space Shuttle   (Information)  Mindscape (The Software Toolworks)
*Theme Park                         (Strategy)  Electronic Arts
*Toon Time - In The Classroom    (Edutainment)  VideoactV
*Total Eclipse                       (Shooter)  Crystal Dynamics
*Trip'D                             (Strategy)  Panasonic Software Company
*True Golf Classics: Pebble Beach Golf Links   (Sports)  Panasonic Software Company
*True Golf Classics: Waialae Country Club   (Sports)  Panasonic Software Company
*True Golf Classics: Wicked 18        (Sports)  Panasonic Software Company
*Twentieth Century Video Almanac   (Information)  The Software Toolworks
*Twisted: The Game Show          (Edutainment)  Electronic Arts
*Virtual Vivid Sampler         (Adult Sampler)  Vivid Interactive
*Virtuoso                             (Action)  Data East
*VR Stalker                          (Shooter)  Morpheus Interactive
*Way Of The Warrior                 (Fighting)  Universal Interactive Studios
*Who Shot Johnny Rock?                (Action)  American Laser Games
*Wing Commander III: Heart Of The Tiger (4 CDs)  (Shooter)  Origin Systems
*Wolfenstein 3D (Action)  Interplay Productons
*Woody Woodpecker vol. 1 (Cartoon)  Universal Home Video
*Woody Woodpecker vol.2 (Cartoon)  Universal Home Video
*Woody Woodpecker vol. 3 (Cartoon)  Universal Home Video
*World Cup Golf: Hyatt Dorado Beach   (Sports)  U.S. Gold
*Zhadnost: The People's Party       (Strategy)  Studio 3DO
Alternate boxes/versions
*Brain Dead 13 v1.1 (Interactive Cartoon)  ReadySoft
Unofficial releases
*Decathlon (Sports)
*Footie (Sports)
*Icebreaker 2 (Strategy)
*Onside Soccer (Sports)
*Powerslide (Racing)
Japanese releases
*3DO Real 1 Year Anniversary CD (Demo)  Panasonic FZ-JJ9DS1-5C
*Achieve Peace: An Almanac For Improving Your Fortune   (Amusement)  Ariadne FZ-SJ4053
*Ai Shogi                           (Strategy)  Taito FZ-SJ4452
*Akagi (Strategy)  Micronet MC-702
*Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Puzzle)  Toyota/Panasonic PT-1
*Aqua World                       (Information)  Mizuki FZ-SJ3351
*Autobahn Tokio (Racing)  Sanai FZ-SJ7801
*AV Girl Mahjong                       (Adult)  Micronet MC-700
*Bakusito                           (Strategy)  Yoshimoto Kogyo Co. FZ-SJ5451
*Battle Pinball                      (Pinball)  Japan Data Works FZ-SJ0802
*Belzerion                         (Adventure)  Human FZ-SJ3251
*Battery Navi                    (Information)  The Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd V1-9507
*Battery Navi Ver. II (Information)  The Furukawa Battery Co., Ltd
*Blue Forest Story (RPG)  Right Stuff FZ-SJ4101
*Bodyconscious Digital Rave! Part 1 (Adult)  Transpegasus Limited TPS-18011
*Bonogurashi                      (Simulation)  Amuse Productions FZ-SJ4952
*Cogal (Adult)  Micronet MC-701
*Conan: The Boy in Future Digital Library  Emotion Digital Software FZ-SJ7151
*Confrontation: Wax Water             (Action)  Sanyo IMP-SD1201
*Crayon Shin Chan: The Big Magic Puzzle (Life's Riddle)  (Strategy)  Bandai FZ-SJ1452
*Crystal Dynamics Best Selection  Crystal Dynamics FZ-JJ-9DSC-5B
*D's Diner - Director's Cut (Adventure)  Warp FZ-SJ2356
*Defcon 5 (Adventure)  Multisoft MS-3018
*Doctor Hauzer                     (Adventure)  Riverhill Soft FZ-SJ0701
*Dragon Tycoon Edge                      (RPG)  Sanyo IMP-SE1001
*Emit Vol. 1                     (Educational)  KOEI FZ-SJ2854
*Emit Vol. 2                     (Educational)  KOEI FZ-SJ2855
*Emit Vol. 3                     (Educational)  KOEI FZ-SJ2856
*F1 GP                                (Racing)  Pony Canyon PCRA-00001
*Flopon the Space Mutant            (Strategy)  Warp FZ-SJ2351
*Flopon World (Strategy)  Warp FZ-SJ2354
*Fumin's Toy Box                 (Edutainment)  Glams Interactive Labo FZ-SJ2651
*Games Master                                   Sunsoft 11T-3DO-0010
*Ghost Hunter Series: The Mask of Black Death  (RPG)  Panasonic FZ-SJ0501
*Global Defense                   (Simulation)  Japan Vistec Inc. JV-SP9501
*Go: Ishii's Nine Steps of Domination            Gam FZ-SJ1662
*Go Time Trial                                 Ematec FZ-SJ2251
*Go Time Trial 2  Ematec FZ-SJ2252
*Goal FH (Sports)  NHK FZ-SJ7351
*Graduation: Final                (Simulation)  Shar Rock FZ-SJ1661
*Graduation II: Neo Generation Special    (Simulation)  Shar Rock FZ-SJ7451
*Grand Chef of the Kingdom (RPG)  Sala International FZ-SJ4252
*Grimm's Masterpiece Theater 1: Bremen Town Musicians (Cartoon)  IMA FZ-SJ3051
*Grimm's Masterpiece Theater 2: Hansel and Gretel   (Cartoon)  IMA FZ-SJ3052
*Grimm's Masterpiece Theater 3: Little Red Riding Hood   (Cartoon)  IMA FZ-SJ3053
*Hanako-san                                     Amuse AMCD5014
*Hello Kitty Toy Box               (Childrens)  Sanrio FZ-SJ6251
*Hirata Shiyougo Interactive Picture Book: Cinderella (Childrens)  Elcom FZ-SJ3955
*Hirata Shiyougo Interactive Picture Book: Snow White (Childrens)  Elcom FZ-SJ3951
*Hirata Shiyougo Interactive Picture Book: Ants and Grasshoppers (Childrens)  Elcom FZ-SJ3952
*Hirata Shiyougo Interactive Picture Book: The Little Mermaid (Childrens)  Elcom FZ-SJ3953
*Hirata Shiyougo Interactive Picture Book: Three Little Pigs (Childrens)  Elcom FZ-SJ3954
*Hirata Shiyougo Interactive Picture Book: Wolf and Sheep (Childrens)  Elcom FZ-SJ3956
*Insect War                          (Shooter)  Panasonic FZ-SJ0702
*J.B. Harold Blue Chicago Blues (Mystery)  Riverhill Soft Inc. FZ-SJ0751
*J.League Virtual Stadium             (Sports)  Electronic Arts FZ-SJ1659
*J-League Virtual Stadium '95         (Sports)  Electronic Arts E3D-7032
*Jan Ken Paradise (Adult)  Intarus FZ-SJ5251
*Kakinoki Shogi (Mahjong)  ASCII FZ-SJ0902
*Kamachi's Museum                (Information)  TV Asahi Interactive FZ-SJ6151
*Kero Kero Keroppi and the Origami Experts   (Educational)  Sanrio FZ-SJ6252
*Kyoto Murder Mystery (Mystery)  Panasonic FZ-SJ0401
*Macaroni Interactive                 (Action)  Toshiba EMI FZ-SJ4551
*Mahjong Gokuu Tenjiku (Strategy)  ASCII FZ-SJ0901
*Mahjong Paradise Special (Strategy)  Sonnet FZ-SJ7951
*Marine Tour: Diving Spot Guide   (Information)  Office Create Co., Ltd FZ-SJ2551
*Masters: Harukanaru Augusta 3 (Sports)  T&E Soft FZ-SJ0102
*Mitsumasa Anno's Four Seasons in Pepperon       NHK Educational FZ-SJ6351
*Miyuki Nakajima                     (Sampler)  Pony Canyon VDS-293
*Montana Jones                     (Adventure)  Future Pirates Junior FZ-SJ1352
*Monoshiri Freedom School                (RPG)  Shinko Human Create FZ-SJ6851
*Moon Cradle                       (Adventure)  Panasonic FZ-SJ0405
*Multimedia Cruising             (Information)  Hamlet FZ-SJ0351
*Murphy's T.V.                     (Adventure)  Vantan FZ-SJ3551
*Nemurenu Yoru no Chiisa Nao Hanashi            Amuse Productions FZ-SJ4951
*Neo Organic Bioform                     (RPG)  Sanyo IMP-SK1203
*Nice Body                         (Amusement)  Fuji Television Network FZ-SJ5852
*Nine Astrology (Amusement)  Ariadne FZ-SJ4051
*New How's: 1 Front How's                       National TP-MEW01A
*Nobunaga's Ambition                (Strategy)  KOEI FZ-SJ2851
*Ogura Hyakunin  Vansoft SV-0201
*Oyaji Hunter Mahjong                   (Tile)  Warp IMP-SF0703
*Paddock Note '95                     (Sports)  Fuji Television FZ-SJ5851
*Pachislo Simulator Vol. 1  Nexton FZ-SJ1667
*Penthouse Interactive: Virtual Photo Shoot Vol. 1   (Adult)  Gaga FZ-SJ5151
*Peter Frankle: Tower of Challenge  (Strategy)  Hamlet FZ-SJ5051
*Policenauts                                    Konami VZ002
*Policenauts - Mouse Pad Set  Konami FZ-JJ1PK001
*Policenauts Pilot Disk               Konami VZ001
*Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (Fighting)  Bandai FZ-SJ1453
*Prime Suspect                       (Mystery)  Panasonic FZ-SJ0403
*Princess Maker 2                 (Simulation)  Micro Cabin Corp. FZ-SJ0253
*Puppet Tales                                   Micro Cabin Corp. FZ-SJ0203
*Pyramid Intruder                    (Shooter)  Taito     FZ-SJ4451
*Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV   (Strategy)  Koei FZ-SJ2853
*Royal Pro Wrestling                  (Sports)  Natsume FZ-SJ6551
*Rush'n'Fire Megadas                  (Action)  Warp IMP-SD0702
*Sensu no Tensai - 1 (Educational)  Gakuman IMP-SI0401
*Sensu no Tensai - 2 (Educational)  Gakuman IMP-SI0402
*Shanghai: The Great Wall               (Tile)  Activision FZ-SJ1660
*Short Warp          443/10000 (Compilation)  Warp FZ-SJ2357
*Suchie Pai Special  Jaleco IMP-SF0301
*Super Real Mahjong P. IV                   (Adult)  Seta FZ-SJ6451
*Super Real Mahjong P. V (Adult)  Seta S-3D951
*Susono Country Club: Golf Course Multimedia Tour  (Information)  JISC JM-GD001
*Takeru                                         Fun Project, Inc. FZ-SJ1201
*Tanjou: Debut Pure  Shar Rock FZ-SJ7452
*Tarot Card Fortune Teller         (Amusement)  Ariadne FZ-SJ4052
*Theatre Wars                       (Strategy)  Hamlet FZ-SJ0301
*The Deep Blue Fleet                (Information)
*The Doraemons                     (Strategy)  Micro Cabin Corp. FZ-SJ5751
*The Janken Special (Adventure)  Panasonic FZ-SJ5551
*The Letter That Overcame Time        Societa Daikanyama S3D-00001
*The Little House                            (Mystery)  Panasonic FZ-SJ0601
*The Tower                           MC International Inc MC-950101
*Together With Nontan: Playing In the Field (Simulation)  Openbook FZ-SJ7051
*Together With Nontan: The Star's Gift (Childrens)  Victor FZ-SJ1101
*Toyopet RV World (Childrens)  Victor FZ-SJ1102
*Twinkle Knights                       (Adult)  Intarus IS-AX0001
*Ultraman Powered                     (Action)  Bandai FZ-SJ1451
*V Goal Soccer '96 (Sports)  Tecmo FZ-SJ6951
*Virtual Cameraman Part 1 (Adult)  Naxat NX-950101
*Virtual Cameraman Part 2 (Adult)  Naxat NX-950102
*Virtual Cameraman Part 3              (Adult)  Naxat NX-950103
*Virtual Cameraman Part 4 (Adult)  Naxat NX-950104
*Virtual Cameraman Part 5 (Adult)  Naxat NX-950105
*Virtual Puppet Reika      (Interactive Music Video)  H.A.N.D. FZ-SJ2451
*Virtual Stadium Professional Baseball (Sports)  Electronic Arts FZ-SJ1668
*Wacky Races                          (Racing)  Future Pirates FZ-SJ1351
*Wacky Races 2: In Space              (Racing)  Future Pirates FZ-SJ1353
*Winners Take All                     (Sports)  Copya System Ltd. FZ-SJ3651
*Winning Post                         (Sports)  Koei FZ-SJ2852
*Worldcup Super Stadium               (Sports)  Gaga FZ-SJ5152
*World Cup Special (Sports)  Coco Nuts IMP-SG0501
*Yu Yu Hakusho                      (Fighting)  Tomy FZ-SJ4351
*Yousuke Ide Meijin no Shinjissen (Mahjong)  Capcom FZ-SJ3258
Demo and Promotional Discs
*Masters: Harukanaru Augusta 3 (Demo)     (Sports)  T&E Soft FZ-SD0102
*Montana Jones Demo (Adventure)  Future Pirates Junior FZ-JJ9DSM-5A
*Puzzle Bobble Demo (Puzzle)  Micro Cabin FZ-JJ9DSA-5K
*Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (Demo)  (Fighting)  Bandai FZ-JJ9DSB-5B
*Road Rash Demo (Racing)  Electronic Arts FZ-SD1654
*Shockwave: Operation Jumpgate (Demo)   (Shooter)  Electronic Arts              
*The Doramons Demo (Adventure)  Panasonic FZ-JJ9DSD-05C
*Theme Park Demo (Strategy)  Electronic Arts FZ-SJ9DST-5F
*V Goal Soccer '96 Demo (Sports)  Tecmo TC-VGOAL-J
*Yu Yu Hakusho Demo           (Fighting)  Tomy FZ-JJ9DSY-4L
Soundtracks and Photo CDs
*Blue Forest Story soundtrack  PolyGram POCX 1021
*Pretty Soldier Sailormoon 1 Photo CD FZ-YPE0601
*Pretty Soldier Sailormoon 2 Photo CD FZ-YPE0602
*Sound of Tower  OPeN BooK TOCT-9341
*Sword & Sorcery GM-Progress-1  Micro Cabin MGCD 1009
*Torcano - Music From The Game Pataank  PF. Magic PN 20802
Extra Japanese Games
*ARPM                              (Adventure)  Synergy
*Burning Soldier                      (Action)  Panasonic
*Syndicate                          (Strategy)  Electronic Arts
Korean releases
*Firewall  LG GDT-GA331
*The Eye of Typhoon (Fighting)  LG GDT-GA391
European releases
*Defcon 5                           (Adventure)  Goldstar CDD9354
*Striker: World Cup Special            (Sports)  Panasonic FZ-SK0001
Incomplete names, unknown, and announced but unreleased titles
48 Girls                               (Adult)
Adventure Boy                                
BIN BIN Vol. 1                         (Adult)
Brimington                           (Cartoon)
Cybertech vs. Axiom                          
Dream Team Basketball              
Final Romance                                
Girl Special Janken Ken Po             (Adult)
Horse Racing Analysis                 (Sports)
Isis: Earth, Wind and Fire (Adventure)  Panasonic Software Company
Jan Ken Paradise                       (Adult)
Mah Jong                                     
Megaman X2                            (Action)
One Hundred Poems                            
Return to Zork                     (Adventure)
Silly Classix...At The Museum                         (Edutainment)  VideoactV
Serto Man                                    
Strip Jenkin                                 
Strip Mah Jong                               
Super Gal's Collection                       
Super Model Gail McKenna                     
Super Nova                             (Adult)
The 7th Guest                      (Adventure)
The 11th Hour                      (Adventure)
*3 Magazine Preliminary Issue
*3 Magazine #1
*3 Magazine #2
*3 Magazine #3
*3 Magazine #4
*3 Magazine #5
*3 Magazine #6
*3 Magazine #7
*3DO Magazine #1
* Sampler Disk
*3DO Magazine #2
* Sampler Disk
*3DO Magazine #3
* Sampler Disk
*3DO Magazine #4
* Sampler Disk
*3DO Magazine #5
* Sampler Disk
*3DO Magazine #6
* Sampler Disk
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  Sampler Disk
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* Sampler Disk
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* Sampler Disk
3DO Magazine #13
* Sampler Disk
*3DO Magazine #14
3DO Magazine #15
*Panasonic FZ1 System            
*Panasonic FZ10 System  
*Goldstar System         
*Gamepad6 by Performance
*Propad by Interact
*Wireless Controllers by Docs              
*JPF Import Dual Joystick Adapter
*FZ-JP1X Control Pad by Panasonic        
*FZ-JP2X Control Pad by Panasonic
*FZ-JS1 Digital Stick Controller by Panasonic
*FZ-JM1 Mouse by Panasonic
*FZ-EM256 Memory Unit by Panasonic
*FZ-FV1A Video CD Adaptor by Panasonic
*FZ-FV10 Video CD Adaptor by Panasonic
*Game Gun by American Laser Games
*Rock3 Joystick
*Control Pad 2 by 3DO              
*Flightstick Pro by CH Products
*Starter Kit
*3D Zero Super NES Controller Adapter for 3DO by Super UFO
*3D Zero Tribal Tap
Steering Wheel by HAS 
*8 Button Control Pad For 3DO by Mad Catz
*Fighting 3DO Sword
*Super Bear Convertor
*3D Zero Controller
*Adapter For 3DO Player
*Sidekick by Tommo
*Fire 3DO Six Button Infra Red Joypad System
*3DO Machine Controller Extension Cable
*Superstick for 3DO
*MAS Super Pro Stick
*Turbo-I Professional Turbo Control Pad