3DO FAQS, Lists and Files

Samurai Shodown


Welcome to the lists and information page! You should check out the 3DO game list and also the updated 3DO FAQ. My list has most, if not all of the American releases and many Foreign releases as well. If anyone has any additions or changes that should be made to the list (such as a duplicate title that should be removed) send me some mail and let me know!


The Incomplete 3DO Game List v8.4

As the name states, this list is incomplete and is always being updated. Check back for updates.

The *'s indicate games or accessories that I own.

3DO FAQ v5.8

Version 5.8 of the 3DO FAQ.  There are bound to be further additions/changes so this won't be the final version. Enjoy.

The 3DO Cheat List v4.0 Section 1 [1-H]
The 3DO Cheat List v4.0 Section 2 [I-O]
The 3DO Cheat List v4.0 Section 3 [P-Sp]
The 3DO Cheat List v4.0 Section 4 [St-Z]

Version 4.0 of the 3DO Cheat List! It's updated with all the latest cheats, codes, and information available. The list has been split into 4 sections because of its size.

The 3DO Game Guru Code List v3.5

I've compiled a list of Game Guru codes not available on the CD. These codes were created after the CD was released.

3DO SCSI CD Reader

Here's two programs that will let you read your 3DO cds on your computer.

Miscellaneous Files

These are unsorted files that currently have no description. I either don't know what they are or just haven't felt like

thinking up an appropriate description for them.

UnpakAIF10.7z jtag.7z ARM60_DataSheet.7z AIFALFAOF.pdf 3do_ida.7z
sonic_test1.7z 3doDBG2idc.7z rgb_3do.7z 3DOLibsAndHeaders.7z UnGroup.7z
3doscreen.7z (screensaver exe)        
pf13updt.hfv.7z   tk13updt.hfv.7z 3dosdk-updt-readme.txt 3dosdk-readme.txt
GTW3DO_Christmas_2008.7z OnLineDoc.7z      

Original 3DO Today Guestbook

This is the old guestbook. I decided to keep it when I changed to the new one. So, here it is if you were interested.