Carrier: Fortress at Sea

Phoenix 3


Here you'll find scans of all your favorite 3DO accessories, systems and whatever else falls into this category.

Controllers and Systems


3D Zero Controller front Back      
3D Zero Infra-Red Controller Back      
3D8 Joypad for 3DO Back      
Battle King top 3DO Function Box      
Ch Products Flightstick Pro front Back Side    
Docs Wireless Controllers front Back      
Fighting 3DO Sword front Back      
Fire 3DO Six Button Joypad Back      
Fire 3DO Six Button Infra Red Joypad System Back      
Game Gun front Back      
Goldstar 3DO Control Pad front Back      
Goldstar 3DO Interactive Multiplayer front Back Side 1 Side 2  
Hori Fighting Commander Real front Back      
InterAct ProPad front Back      
Mad Catz Control Pad for 3DO front Back      
mas Super Pro-Stick        
Nakitek Wireless Controllers for 3DO front Back      
Panasonic FZ-AK1 Karaoke Mixer front Back      
Panasonic FZ-FV1A Video CD Adaptor front Back      
Panasonic FZ-FV10 Video CD Adaptor front Back      
Panasonic FZ-JM1 Mouse front   Side    
Panasonic FZ-JP1X Control Pad front (Box version 1) Back Side 1 Side 2 Side 3
Panasonic FZ-JP1X Control Pad front (Box version 2)   Side    
Panasonic FZ-JP2X Control Pad front   Side    
Performance Gamepad6 front Back      
Quantum Advanced Control Pad Back      
Rock 3 Joystick front Top Side 1 Side 2  
Sanyo 3DO Control Pad Back      
Sidekick front Back      
Stealth Infra-Red Joypad for the 3DO front Back      
Superstick for 3DO        
The 3DO Control Pad 2 front Back      


Miscellaneous Hardware


3DO Machine Controller Extension Cable Back
3D Zero Super NES Controller Adapter Back
3D Zero Tribal Tap Back
Classic Joypad Converter - 3DO Bottom
JPF Adapter For 3DO Player Side
JPF Import Dual Joystick Adapter Back
Panasonic Memory Unit FZ-EM256 Back
Super Bear Convertor Back